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Available Journey Processes

Designer Journey Process :

This is a complete Journey experience of the Physical and Emotional Journey. The designer process allows for the creation of a custom process with advanced skills, that uniquely fits the needs and specific health concerns of the individual client.

Physical  Journey Process :

Using this process, you will uncover old cell memories and limiting patterns that might be causing a physical concern. You do not need to have a physical illness in order to undertake this process. It is possible to release blocks within us before they create any dis-ease.

Emotional Journey Process :

Emotions are  our gateway to our Being and emotions like fear, anger, loneliness, etc can limit and trap us in perpetuating our limiting patterns.  During an emotional journey process, you step into these emotions to uncover the memory and let go of the issue that may have held you back for years. 


Chakra Journey Process :

This unique journey process works with specific energy centres (Chakras) of the body to clear any dysfunction/imbalance at the root level, that might be causing an imbalance in the body physically, emotionally, mentally and etherically. At times, this imbalance can come from another lifetime and this process works with the 7 major chakras to bring a deeper level of healing. A questionnaire is administered, at the start of the journey session, to assess which chakras are most imbalanced. A client can, then choose the chakras they would most like to work with.


Life Purpose Process :

Have ever wondered about the meaning of your life, why you are here and what is your purpose? Then doing the life purpose process will help you to tap into discovering those deep insights. This process will connect you with your soul, back through time, through the womb - to the time of pre-conception and, sometimes beyond.  It allows you to access the answers to your questions and guide you back to the present moment, from the perspective of your new understandings. 


Kids Journey Process (5-12 years) :

This process helps the child to deal with emotional upsets,  traumas, separation, divorce, school, learning difficulties, allergies, behavioral problems and coping healthily with death and bereavement. It is a playful way through which a child can reconnect with their creativity, self-confidence and self-esteem. It is a visualization process using story-telling. Before and After drawings are facilitated to help the child express the emotional evolution.


N.B: Before starting the child's treatment, a parent must commit to one journey session alone. The parent is encouraged to read 'The Journey™ for kids – ‘Liberating your child’s Shining Potential' book by Brandon Bays as a way of supporting their child's healing journey.

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