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Sukhwinder began her career as a Social Worker in Singapore in the mid-80s after graduating from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts & Social Sciences. After working for 7 years in the Social Work arena in Singapore, Sukhwinder moved to Perth, Western Australia in 1994 - where she attained her Masters in Social Work.


As a Social Worker/Counsellor in Australia, she continues to provide services in the areas of domestic violence, sexual assault/abuse, antenatal and aged care as well as in the health & wellness industry. Being fluent in a few languages allows Sukhwinder to work with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

A car accident in 1995 started her journey into the alternative field to explore ways to help her body heal. She was introduced to Reiki, colour, crystal and sound healing. Adventuring into the world of art therapy and painting using different mediums also became a creative outlet of expression for her in her healing journey. 

After attaining her Masters in Social Work at the University of Western Australia, Sukhwinder now resides in Brisbane (Queensland) where she has her private therapy practice. While living on the east coast, she continued her postgraduate training in various fields of therapy, including training with Brandon Bays who pioneered “The Journey” technique.

Her journey to become an accredited practitioner happened after she experienced spontaneous healing during her first Journey Intensive weekend workshop with Brandon Bays - from a physical injury that happened in her twenties, that troubled her everyday. She has been pain free since that weekend in February 2006 and is very passionate about sharing this amazing process.


Having been a Social Worker for over 30 years, she has found Journeywork to be the quickest and most effective technique to deal with core emotional and physical issues. She draws on her professional skills, intuition and personal experience to help clients release blocks to accessing their true potential. Sukhwinder regularly runs private therapy sessions and empowerment workshops with an international client base.

Since 2009, Sukhwinder has also been  part of the Specialist Team that provides Stress & Emotional Wellbeing Services to resident guests at Gwinganna Lifestyle Resort in the Gold Coast. At Gwinganna, Sukhwinder offers Stress Management, Journey Therapy & Personal Transformation Sessions.


Sukhwinder is a Senior Accredited Journey Practitioner, a Reiki Level 3 Practitioner, a Certified Art, Colour & Clayfield Therapist. She believes that therapy is not about fixing something that is not working. It is about liberating and enriching all that one is. Through offering the different modalities through her practice, she helps her clients to empower themselves to connect to their wisdom to facilitate healing and integrate in mind, body and spirit to free themselves from the limitations/beliefs/patterns that bind them.

“Go within. Be not afraid of what you will find - Love, Serenity & Peace Divine”

- Sukhwinder Kaur

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