Privacy Policy, Fees & Disclaimer


“I will never give, distribute, sell or otherwise reveal personal information I collect from my clients to any other party. I maintain a private internal database from which I periodically mail or email information about my services. The clients can ask to be removed from this database at any time. I keep all clients’ details in strictest confidence unless given permission, in writing, to share their story.” - Sukhwinder Kaur



With all healing modalities, there are no guarantees. The services at “Journey Into Heart”are designed to work in conjunction with other complementary therapies or medical practices to provide a wholistic approach for the client’s overall well-being. If you feel that you may have a medical condition, you are advised to see your own qualified medical advisor to  receive a full and proper medical diagnosis  before accessing the services at “Journey Into Heart” as your chosen path for growth and healing.



A minimum of 24 hrs' notice is required for cancellation. Late cancellations and “No Shows” will incur a fee. There will be consideration for genuine unforeseen circumstances. The notice is appreciated so that the time slot may be filled by another client who may need the service.

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