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What issues can The Journey help with?

Journeywork can help with many issues, including:


·   Anger                           

·   Grief & Loss

·   Depression                      

·   Allergies            

·   Fear & Anxiety

·   Self-esteem & Motivation              

·   Physical pain & illnesses

·   Relationship issues                   

·   Abuse & Trauma

·   Loneliness                  

·   Lack of Purpose


The Journey process has been used by individuals who have physical ailments like arthritis, tumours, cancers, Crone’s disease, eczema, asthma, etc.  It has also been used by cancer treatment hospitals, psychologists, psychiatrist, schools, doctors and social workers. 


The ideal is to clear out the emotional issues before they end up contributing to physical illnesses. Journeywork allows you to reach completion with the specific issue and come to peace with it.  It does not matter what the issue is. What is important is that through this process, you are able to get in touch with your own wisdom inside and clear your block – connecting with the peace/stillness within.


Journeywork is a healing tool that can be used with any orthodox medical or complementary treatments. It is meant to enhance any healing or health programme that you are already on, so as to support your own chosen process and growth.



With all healing modalities, there are no guarantees. The services at “Journey into Heart” are designed to work in conjunction with other complementary therapies or medical practices to provide a wholistic approach for the client’s overall well-being. If you feel that you may have a medical condition, you are advised to see your own qualified medical advisor to  receive a full and proper medical diagnosis  before accessing the services at “Journey Into Heart” as your chosen path for growth and healing.

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