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Everything is energy - including your thoughts and feelings. This means that quite literally, your thoughts and feelings can shape the world around you, including your body. When our bodies are in balance, we feel positive and happy. How we handle stress and living can certainly contribute to that balance/imbalance. Our bodies have energy centres (major and minor chakras) that help regulate that balance. When they are closed down or behaving erratically due to stress, our environment, toxins or interactions, they block the flow of energy in the body. This can result in minor ailments, discomfort, emotional blockages and sluggishness.


If the imbalance is left unchecked, those same blockages can lead to illness and disease. Clearing these energy blocks can provide you with the opportunity to "move" through those stuck states. 


Re-balancing can be carried out through natural therapies like colour and sound to support the whole being and body to relax, realign and be centered again.


At “Journey Into Heart”, Sukhwinder uses these 2 natural therapies to work in harmony together to maintain the flow of energy and natural balance of the body.

What is the cost?

Colour & Sound Healing: 60 mins $110 or 90 mins $155 (inc GST)

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