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Everybody has a story to tell and often that story can be told through imagery or through shapes and lines formed by the color and textures of the art media. Therapists often use creative art to help those who have difficulties trying to put feelings into words. Engaging in the creative process can help to define and resolve hidden emotions/difficulties that can arise due to family & relationship issues, personal trauma, grief & loss.

Using creative art in therapy is an effective treatment to foster self-awareness and bring about healing at a deep level.  It can be an effective outlet for children and adults who have difficulties related to serious medical illness, language and developmental disorders. It can also assist with development of motor skills and physical co-ordination.

During the session, the therapist pays attention to things like theme of the piece of art, sequence, size, pressure used to draw the picture, strokes and details of the pictures/images. These drawings are used as assessments to help the therapist understand concerns and issues that cannot be expressed verbally.

The guided art therapy session involves drawing with closed eyes and both hands – using chalk, crayons or pastels on large sheets of paper.  The aim is to discover one’s inner emotional movements and their messages, bypassing the conscious mind to access the expression of self where there might be a shutdown or concern. 


What is the cost?

Art Therapy: 60 mins $160 (inc GST)

Longer sessions are charged at a pro-rata rate.

No previous art background is necessary. 

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