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How will I feel after my Journey process?

It varies between each individual. Some may feel emotionally tender, possibly tired while others have felt energized from the clearing out. Whatever the outcome is, you are invited to take time out for yourself for the rest of the day to relax. A nice warm bath, shower, a nap or going to bed early is recommended. 


As you will have done some considerable clearing out of old belief patterns, you may notice other emotions coming up and/or other issues may surface. There may also be physical detoxing. This is perfectly normal. You will also notice a general winding down of your old issues and a letting go of all the old "stuff" that no longer supports you. Be  gentle with yourself.


You will notice changes in your life, in how you feel, the new ways you handle situations, and how easier everything is. 

N.B:  It is important to avoid any strenuous physical and/or mental activity immediately after a session. Relax after the treatment to get the full benefit from the session.

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