Sukhwinder is a wonderful, experienced Journey Therapist. She is empathetic, gentle, effective and wise. She will help you get to the root cause of any life issue and clear it completely using some of the most potent transformational work available anywhere. I wholeheartedly recommend and endorse her and the work she does.

Kevin Billett

CEO - The  Journey Seminars

While living in Brisbane, I hired Sukhwinder for Journey work, which I was curious about. Her skilled and steady guidance helped me set a freer course for my life. I have since moved back to the United States, so I meet with Sukhwinder successfully on Skype from time to time to continue the process. The work is simply profound regardless of how we connect. I appreciate Sukhwinder’s commitment. She is focused, clear & present. I recommend her as a compassionate guide in what is essentially intimate, deep work. I don’t mind being vulnerable or powerful in her presence. My life work is changed because of working with her.

Rebekah West

Rebekah West Photography & Creative International

Sukhwinder is a great example of a human spirit, who exudes love, compassion and strength. Her ability to be present and connect with me during the Journey session helped me clear limiting beliefs and old ties that do not serve me. In addition, even though we live in different countries, her passion for the Journey went above the call of duty as a Mentor to support me during my Journey Accreditation from 2008 to 2010. For the work that she is passionate about, I highly recommend her.

Nah Swee Lyn

Business Development Director

Sukhwinder has done some amazing sound and colour work with me. I felt so great afterwards. She is kind, warm and very professional. She has a real gift and uses it for the greatest good of her clients. If you need an oasis of balance, peace and revitalisation in the midst of your busy life, Sukhwinder is the woman to call.

Rosa McCormack

Author & Inspirational Change Facilitator

Having done and given many journey sessions, this is the first time I have experienced such a beautiful profound sound healing session to completion. Each note accompanied a picture in my mind’s eye. I walked into more than a 3D experience, every note weaving a story as I journeyed into past lives, closing every chapter of the past as each note ends. The vibrations washed me clean, the sensations leaves me complete, the love cast a safety net to embrace a new beginning. It was the most beautiful film I have ever seen and lived in. Thank you Sukhwinder, for never leaving me behind and for being Grace’s companion to honour and serve every being to live their truth.

Tay Siang Hui

 Director & Writer

Thank you Sukhwinder, for the Chakra Journey Sessions. They have made a huge difference to my life – your passion for the work that you do, your kindness, compassion and connection to Grace provide a safe and nurturing environment to fully release and surrender to the journey process – a completely profound experience! As someone who struggled to fully ‘let go’ and relax into the Journey process, the Chakra Journey process changed all of that for me. It gave me that focus and ‘edge; to be able to deepen into the process and experience a very profound emotional release of pain and suffering that has made all the difference to me. You are truly gifted and I feel blessed to have been guided to you.

Andrea Breen